Sunday, June 20, 2010

Producer's Diary entry #1

As I listen to the most recent tracks we've done of guitars back, I'm content and satisfied with them. I was at first a little worried with the leads because when you listen to them at first (which I did as lead guitarist Vaz was tracking) they may sound a bit odd at first. However listening this afternoon with a bit more clarity, it all makes sense. In fact the performances were good, I admit it was a bit of a blur after tracking leads on 2 songs for 4 hours yesterday with Vaz. We're at the 13th and 14th tracks with a few leads missing from 2-3 songs of the current batch of 12. Vocals are yet to be done and keyboards...not to mention much MUCH mixing after the purchase of monitors which is the majority of my producer's fee. All in all everything has been done in order and with organization though I'm worried how many more months are actually ahead before the album's release as we should get 90% of the tracks fully completed by September before school is back in session.

So for those following the progress of DLI's debut LP, it's still too early to tell how any completed track will sound. Stay tuned however as I'll be posting more blogs and probably YouTube video diaries with sound clips.

sound out,
Matt Romero